Monitoring solutions

Hardware solution

Hardware options include all compatible devices which can be configured to individual devices in any type of installation or environment.

Our system is flexible, allowing you to connect together any range of compatible monitors.

Individual monitors can be attached to devices, worksites and groups of devices.

Using GPRS-enabled SIM cards, our hardware solutions require no interface with your existing IT installations and use industry-leading encryption and security.

Software solution

Using the world-leading ISO 50001 Energinet system, the icSynergy software solution provides:

  • Real time monitoring and dashboards indicating energy usage for individual or groups of devices
  • Historical reporting and comparisons against a huge database of comparable businesses worldwide
  • No limits to users, buildings, structures, energy/production blocks or any other factors
  • A clear, customisable and user friendly interface requiring no additional training and tailored to individuals’ job roles and needs
  • No hidden costs
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