Environmental Reporting

The purpose of preparing an environmental report for your own company is to contribute to making society more sustainable and make the company more conscious of its environmental impact. This should be done internally through internal control and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), and externally with reference to purchases, energy consumption, transport, waste management and aesthetics.

The Environment Report: The Environment Report provides a survey of a company’s resource consumption relative to waste, energy, transport and more. It makes it possible to compare the situation from one year to the next. The report will make the management more aware of improvements of the environment.

Scope 1: All direct emissions of greenhouse gases. This applies to emissions which are the consequence of activities in the company.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, heating, cooling and steam and more and includes emissions from entities from which your company buys products and services.

Scope 3: Other indirect emissions, such as extraction and production of purchased materials and fuel, transport related activities in vehicles which are not owned or controlled by the organization liable to report, electricity related activities which are not covered in Scope 2, outsourced activities, waste management etc.

In Energinet, all registered meters which have been included in a defined Scope group and CO2 equivalent, will be automatically included. All other emissions are registered manually such as for example air travel and more.

Most meters will be registered in Scope 1.

Energinet has been developed on the basis of the GHG Protocol