Case studies

The regional health authority has budgeted energy consumption reductions of 30 million kWh per year by using Energinet.

“We have invested about 820,000€ in total to reach the goal of 13% reduction in energy consumption, and we expect one man-labour year for follow-up of our 400,000 m2. This gives us a pay-back time of less than a year”

This major property owner of over 100 shopping centres is using Energinet to achieve a 21% energy reduction by 2021.

“We chose Energinet because of the software’s simplicity, robustness and the way to present simple data.”

Moelven is involved in technological as well as market developments in the bioenergy sector in both Norway and Sweden.

This major Norwegian energy distributor achieved a 45% reduction in energy costs.

“Energinet has provided us with a unique overview of our energy consumption. We are able to uncover irregularities immediately as they occur and correct the problem at once.”

Jan Petter Urke, Managing Director

Gulskogen Shopping Centre

Energy reduction of 600,000 kWh achieved in one year.

Elkem Carbon

Elkem Carbon has reduced energy consumption by 35%.