icSynergy are sole, exclusive UK distributor for
Energinet Energy Monitoring System (EnMS)

Full flexibility using smart meters and unlimited reports | Market leader in Northern Europe
Environmental reports, invoicing and tenanting modules included as standard

Unique energy monitoring and management solutions

Immediate ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 compliance
Energy savings of up to 15% | Software and hardware solutions with simple pricing
Business sustainability and intelligence plus unlimited custom reports

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Achieve compliance with all UK and EU government regulations and frameworks

Energinet was one of the first energy monitoring systems to be tested worldwide. Independent experts at TÜV Rheinland certify that the energy monitoring system provides support to the user in implementing and maintaining an energy management system according to ISO 50001.

Introducing Energinet, the UK’s most powerful energy monitoring solution for all industries

icSynergy is an administrative solution for monitoring and reducing energy usage across any business installation. Data at your fingertips and our simple pricing help you to meet and beat all your environmental and efficiency targets.

Combined with our full-scope energy saving solutions, businesses can save 5-10% on energy costs immediately and comply with new regulations on energy saving, ISO 14001, ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO 15927 and DIN EN 16247, plus energy saving roadmaps like the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Energinet is backed by worldwide success

"We chose Energinet because of the software's simplicity, robustness and the way to present simple data."

“We have invested about 820,000€ in total to reach the goal of 13% reduction in energy consumption, and we expect one man-labour year for follow-up of our 400,000 m2. This gives us a pay-back time of less than a year”

“Energinet has provided us with a unique overview of our energy consumption. We are able to uncover irregularities immediately as they occur and correct the problem at once.”


Key features and benefits of using icSynergy

Unlimited measuring points with simple pricing

Hardware options include all compatible devices which can be configured to individual devices in any type of installation or environment.

Cloud-powered artificial intelligence

Our system is flexible, allowing you to connect together any range of compatible monitors.

Full compliance with government frameworks

Individual monitors can be attached to devices, worksites and groups of devices.

Global solutions

Using GPRS-enabled SIM cards, our hardware solutions require no interface with your existing IT installations and use industry-leading encryption and security.

Financing options also available